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I got the job!11

I hope this one is nice :O

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone, i hope you all had a good one. Mine was as follows -

- Went to Tomi's with Sami and Anssi
- Consumed much alcohol and ate lots
- Threw up
- Went outside and attempted to blow up 2 gingerbread houses
- Failed, so Hasse threw one at Sami and i stomped on them both
- Drank more
- Got the bus downtown, went to Ale pubi for shots then to Ruma (ugly)
- Got bored in Ruma, decided to run all the way to Inferno because we had 2 minutes 'til midnight and entry was still free
- Managed to get in for free with one minute to spare, except for Tomi who was HALF A MINUTE LATE.
- Drank water and watched people play Blackjack for the rest of the evening
- Came home at three, died

About the same as last year really - Spent my new year with fantastic people.

Going home tomorrow and I'll write down all my new year's resolutions on the plane XD

Who thinks they'll be able to make an engagement party in early Feb?


Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post :) We're going down town in about an hour to collect the rings - We've had them engraved with each others name and the date (23.12.2006).

Tomorrow we're having a party with all of Sami's relatives and our Finnish friends, then in Feb we're having another party in England for the other side XD

I wanna take loads of pictures with my SLR today...And i can't really do the photography project i was planning because it hasn't snowed properly yet X0

More later x

Oranges and rice porridge

I better make this quick since The Snowman is on in a minute.

I am now an engaged woman :)

That is all xx

I love Katamari :D

Hello chums :) I hope you're all having stress-free holidays right now.

I'm having a great time decorating gingerbread houses, eating chocolate frogs filled with green goo and spending my hard earned wages XD I treated myself to We ♥ Katamari last night, because its the first time i've seen it readily available and for under 60 euros. I also got 3 CDs from Sami - Brother Firetribe's album, Leverage 'Tides' and an ULTRA BRA album. WTF mate?

It's Sami's birthday today (and my wonderful mum ♥) and i'm treating him to dinner anywhere he wants, a new pair of shooooes, and we're staying overnight in a hotel :D It gets a bit crowded here with the doggies.

I'm making mince pies on Christmas eve, and trifle on boxing day. Yay for British things.

Not sure what i think of the new HP title yet, it seems a bit odd XD

Finland :D

I'm off in about half an hour to the train station, then on a coach to Stansted, then a plane to Tampere.

Very excited :D

If i don't post again before Christmas, i hope everyone has a good one and a fantastic new year ♥

I don't wanna enter a subject :(

Well Bondie was better than i thought it would be - I got pic n mix and DDR as well... Although the DDR machine had a gay pad, didn't it Helen? I couldn't show you my hardcore skillzors.

Today i have a flask of cinnamon tea and i've just properly started the company website. I'm making it as easy as possible, so it will be up and running soon. Good job the boss doesn't want anything flash, althought i do X)

Gym tonight (alone, sob) and scary doctors. Argh, then i think i'll try to get some artwork done or scan in the company logo and edit that.

HUMBAH. Sami is coming to visit in feb because he has interviews, so proud <3

Blah blah bored.
So Ben was voted out after my last post, and now Zoe wants me to go to hers for the Final having no one to support XD WE SHALL SEE ZOE. I will come for booze and sweeties.

Tonight i'm off to see James Bondie with Helen, and i hope to see her and many others on Monday before i leave. Tomorrow is probably gym after work with Ma, and Friday is Pan's Labyrinth with Zoedog and foodies.

Oh my god, i can't wait to see my sir.. I miss him so much XD


Hating being a girl right now, but primose oil helps. Slightly.

Had a good birthday, ate Thai food and got High School Musical on DVD :D Wahaha, i love teenie things. I promise life will get more exciting when i go to Finland on the 19th. My new camera phone will make sure of that :D

My work want me to make a website for them, so i hope that pans out well.. Haven't even attempted making a website for a few years but i think i can do it.

In other news, i love Edguy and Ben from X factor. Yeah i know, i'm a sado. BUT I HOPE HE STAYS IN FINGERS CROSSED I VOTED FOR HIM.

Catherine - Thanks for your Christmas card, i got it on my birthday XD Yours will be in the post Monday (because i'm an idiot and forgot to post my non-foreign-country cards XD)

Daryl + Rose - Cards are in the post x

Kazmin and Lauracet - ADDRESSES PLZ. I seem to have lost them AGAIN D: